Andrea Matesi

37, Senior ICT Engineer, Adelaide

Andrea Matesi Photo

Andrea started buying cigarettes for his father at the age of 10 and decided to try them for himself. From between the ages of 15-25 years he began smoking about a pack of 20 cigarettes per day.

In May 2018, he switched to vaping. He said he has really noticed the health benefits.

“I mean, I can definitely do a lot more push ups in the mornings than I used to be able to,” he said.

The thing that Andrea finds most important is that his habit doesn’t impact or influence anyone else, especially his kids. Even when he vapes, he does it in private, in a very discrete manner.

When his daughter was born, his sister in law lived with them for a while and he told her that if she was going to stay at their home, she would have to stop smoking. He gave her one of his vapes and encouraged her to make the change which she has continued to do so from then on.

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