Carly Lang

34 , Medical Receptionist, Melbourne

Carly started smoking when she was 14 and smoked regularly for about 20 years, having 30-40 cigarettes a day. Carly decided to make the change when her partner had gone away for work and returned with a vape. The thing that she really noticed, was the dramatic improvement in his hair and skin. Considering he looked so much healthier, she decided that she should try it as well.

“The day I tried it, that was it. I remember going 8 hours without a cigarette before I noticed that I didn’t even care,” she said. As a mother of three, she’s very happy for her children to grow up in a smoke free household now.

She saves a lot of money that she would’ve spent on cigarettes and on skin and hair products due to bad skin from smoking. “I just bought a brand new car two weeks ago, I just have so much more money for things I couldn’t afford before.”

Carly went back into her old car for the last time, cleaning it before she sold it and found a cigarette in the glove box. She said, “I took it out and lit it and I found it disgusting, it felt like licking an ashtray, I threw it out and wondered how I ever did it before.”

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