Edward Fraser

72, Retired, Adelaide

When Edward was growing up, everyone around him was smoking. It was the normal thing to do and they were so easy for him to get, which led him to begin smoking at the age of 11.

When he was a regular smoking he was having 2 packs of 20 every day. After being a smoker for more than 40 years, he began to start feeling very short of breath. He felt like it was all catching up on him.

He decided to give vaping a try when he saw his children doing it. He said, “My kids were smokers and they stopped and at first I thought, ah I can’t be bothered, but then I tried a couple and I thought, this is alright!”

Edward feels a lot healthier now and has gotten his breathing back under control. “I can sleep better and I am now tasting things that I haven’t tasted in years,” he said.

Since he made the switch, he believes that he is spending about a quarter of what he would have spent on cigarettes and now has much more money available to spend on other things.

“My wife is very pleased about that part of it!” He said.

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