Gary Leigh

29, IT Analyst, Darwin

Gary started smoking with he was 16 but it didn’t become regular until the age of 19 where he was smoking about 2 packs a week. Everyone was doing it and he wanted to fit in with the crowd at the time.

He tried quitting several times which often lasted about a year, but each time he would always go back to smoking. He said, “It was terrible, I couldn’t quit cold turkey without taking leave. I needed to smoke at work when I was feeling stressed.”

He finds vaping the best alternative so far. He started on higher doses of nicotine and has now started mixing his own juices and is down to a 1.5mg dosage. His intention is to slowly wean himself off nicotine cravings so that he is able to stop vaping as well.

At first, he found that he had withdrawal symptoms, but now he is used to that amount.

He said, “Now when I try other people’s vapes and they have a high dose I find that it is way too intense for me!”

He said that he would have bought a 30g pouch of tobacco a week when he was smoking, and believes that he saves now 30% on average a week of what he used to spend on cigarettes.

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