Joanne Colbert

40, Nurse, Adelaide

Joanne was a smoker for about 20 years, beginning when she was 17. She tried every way of quitting (champix, patches, gums, cold turkey) all without success.

“I am embarrassed and ashamed to admit this, but I even did not have the willpower to quit whilst pregnant,” she said.

After she bought her first vaper starter kit, she combined smoking and vaping for a few days. Then one morning she woke up and said to herself, ‘this is the day’. And that was it.

“I am actually repulsed at the smell of cigarettes, and can’t believe that I used to smell that way. I can now smell a smoker coming from miles away,” she said.

She calculated that she and her husband were actually spending around 20% of their income on cigarettes ($300 per week), whereas now they are spending less than 3%.

“Before I stopped smoking my hubby and I were living week to week, we both quit together and since then have purchased our own home (we were renting previously), have been able to put our kids into a private school, and now enjoy a few extra luxuries. We went on a cruise just before Christmas, something we could never have done when we were smokers.” She said.

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