Paul Mathieson

60, Trainer in Aviation Maintenance, Fisherman’s Paradise

Paul started smoking when he was 12, pinching cigarettes on the sly from his parents. He was a smoker for 45 years, smoking about a packet a day.

He tried quitting many times over the years but found that nothing worked and that options such as patches, gums and going cold turkey only provided short term success.

After experiencing repeated respiratory illnesses, constant colds, flus and shortness of breath, he decided to try vaping.

At this stage it didn’t work and he continued to smoke. About two months later, he was diagnosed with emphysema. He decided then and there that he was done with smoking and switched completely to vaping.

“I have not smoked a cigarette since. I no longer crave them, in fact, the smell alone now disgusts me,” he said.

Paul has now been vaping for about 17 months. He said that although his body will never be the same after smoking, his health has improved dramatically and he has not had a cold, flu or chest infection since making the switch.

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