Peter Dorio

52, Hair Salon Owner, Melbourne

Peter was a heavy smoker for the past 20-25 years. He had tried to quit several times over the years without success. He said, “It frustrated me so much because I had achieved so much in my life through hard work and willpower but nothing was working for me.”

Peter was handed a vape by a friend who left it on his salon counter. When he tried it, he didn’t have much hope for vaping as a method and thought it would be just like everything else he had already tried.

However, to his surprise, changing to vaping for him was of no difficulty at all and he has been smoke free since February this year. “I can’t stress how much vaping has changed my life. I feel totally, totally free.”

He said that his health has improved so much, “it’s almost as if the oxygen has a sweet taste, I have an obnoxious amount of energy now.”

However, he finds that vaping is treated negatively in Australia and that it is difficult to access information about it. “It’s almost treated like buying illegal drugs, it’s almost as if it’s underground, if my friend hadn’t literally put it straight in front of my face, I would still be a smoker today.” He said.

Peter’s salon now has been transformed into a smoke free workplace as about eight of his staff have now made the change to vaping after seeing Peter do it successfully.

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